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While it is our most obvious project, it is not the only area we are currently working on. The PDF/D specification is still very much a work-in-progress but you can read more about our ideas here: PDF/D Overview

PDF to PDF/D Converter

Obviously a handy tool for software developers using PDF/D would be a "lossless" PDF to PDF/D conversion library. This allows consortium members to limit their attention to PDF/D while still being able to reliably read legacy PDF files from the wild.

The PDF/D Consortium intends to collaborate on a shared source PDF to PDF/D converter (.NET C#) for consortium members .

Compliance Report Format

The PDF/D Consortium has published an open reporting format for PDF compliance checking products so that results can be easily compared.

Open Compliance Reporting format (available to non-members)

PDF Compliance Tests

Currently the PDF/D Consortium is working on a set of negative PDF ISO-32000-1 compliance tests in the same style as the Isartor PDF/A tests.

PDF Compliance Tests

PDF/A Compliance Tests

One area of weakness in all of today's PDF/A validators is thorough XMP metadata validation. The PDF/D Consortium is attempting to help address this.

PDF/A Compliance Tests

PDF/D Compliance Tests

Once PDF/D becomes more well defined, the PDF/D Consortium will create a set of compliance tests for PDF/D too.

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